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Flag of Nassau County (Hessen / Germany)

I. The early beginnings of international engagements

412 The foundation of ORANGE (Vaucluse / France)

1093 The House of NASSAU and the later NASSAU COUNTY (Germany)

1094-1204 The migrational movements during the CRUZADES

1515 The marrigae relationship between ORANGE and NASSAU

1544 NASSAU and the Dutch House of ORANIEN

1677 NASSAU and the British House of WINDSOR

The migrational movements from NASSAU COUNTY (Germany) 
with foreign East- and Westindia Companies and the settlement foundation 
in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia

1775-1783 Nassau mercenary participation in the US Independence War

1808-1813 Nassau mercenary participation in the Napoleonic Campaign in Spain

1866 The dissolution of NASSAU COUNTY (Germany / State of Hessen)

House of Nassau and Orange Family Tree

II. The World Today

The world-wide distribution 
of the sites, regions and settlement names 
Orange and Nassau

"Je maintendra" Medal of Honour

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